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“The only thing permanent about our behavior patterns is our belief that they are so.” – Moshe Feldenkrais
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My private practice has moved to new locations (see side bar) Weekly evening classes continue as usual on Wednesdays at the Feldenkrais Ctr of Park Slope at 545pm and Thursday afternoon classes meet at 3pm, at Shambhala Yoga, 367 St. Marks Ave. in Prospect Heights.  

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Feldenkrais Method in the New York Times!
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Feldenkrais Method private sessions and classes with Dan Rindler, will teach you to learn new patterns of coordination to help you to address: Chronic Pain, Neurological Concerns, Anxiety and Emotional Difficulties.

Dan’s approach combines an understanding of body mechanics with a highly effective approach to learning to shift out of long-held habits of movement and behavior. This gentle approach will lead you to learn new patterns of coordination, improved posture, balance, and reduced strain. The result is improved efficiency, strength, balance and comfort in movement, and for many, corresponding changes in many other aspects of one’s life as well.


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