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Private Feldenkrais Sessions For Adults : Functional Integration

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Private sessions with Dan Rindler combine an understanding of body mechanics with a highly effective approach to learning to improve posture and movement.  Chronic pain in the neck, shoulders, back, hip, knees, etc. can disappear when you address the habits of movement that caused them in the first place.  Those with neurological conditions can also benefit when we learn new patterns of movement. 

All of us are creatures of habit — we have familiar ways to sit stand and move. These habits can feel almost hard-wired into our systems, but they were actually learned over time. This is important because learned behaviors can be changed and improved upon. When we have no pain, we may not even notice how we move, but when we’re overworked at our desk, carrying heavy bags or caring for a baby, it may become apparent that the way we move isn’t working as well as it could. 

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