A Step Forwards

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Me, putting one foot in front of the other and finding the support to my full length.

With each step we have the opportunity to access the inner resources to rise to our full height – supported and balanced. In this 8 week series, we will explore Feldenkrais based movement lessons that lead to improving the complex system of actions that form our walk. Refine and improve your movement and learn to walk with poise, balance and a quality of internal support which can form a foundation of resilience to help carry yourself through difficult times.

These classes are taught in a trauma-informed approach. This means:
1. You are in charge of choices for your body at all times during class, how to move and what to pay attention to.
2. You control the pace of your movement and your participation (or not) in class.
3. The class has a focus on finding inner-resources for feeling safe and grounded in one’s body.

Moshe Feldenkrais

Two Class Times (Choose 1):
1. Wednesday 430pm-530pm, April 7 – June 2 See all dates and register
2. Friday 1230pm-130pm, April 9 – June 4 See all dates and register

Taught Online Using Zoom
To join after the start date, register as normal. You will receive earlier recordings of missed classes.  This is a cumulative series, so no drop-ins.
Recordings will be shared with the class for review, or to be used in case of absence. $160. For 8 classes. Sliding Scale available if need be — email to request.