Grounding October 2020

Grow Your Roots

The way your feet connect to the ground influences everything that happens above.

Learn to make a physical shift in your connection to the ground, and refine your ability to feel more grounded, self-supported and capable in the face of challenging moments in your daily life.

6 Wednesdays

430pm-530pm Eastern Time
October Start Date

Taught Online Using Zoom
To join after the start date, register as normal. You will receive earlier recordings of missed classes.  This is a cumulative series, so no drop-ins.
Recordings will be shared with the class for review, or to be used in case of absence. $120. Sliding Scale available if need be.

“After a few sessions I began to feel like I was far more present in my body which meant I could feel my feet and so also felt more grounded. Both of these things helped to ease my anxiety which was quite high before the course.”-S.R.


Tilt Your Kettle

This workshop takes the simple movement of tilting your pelvis (such as in the well known Cat/Cow yoga sequence) and puts it under the microscope — your own internal microscope actually. By spotlighting the movements of the pelvis in many different contexts, we will clarify our awareness of  individual asymmetries, and discover foundational habits of movement.

Next, we zoom our microscope lens out for a global view — looking at how these habits of movement which have remained unnoticed, influence abilities and limitations throughout your body.

6 Wednesdays.  430pm-530pm Eastern Time
June 24, July 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
Taught Online Using Zoom
This is a cumulative series, so drop-ins are not possible. All lessons will be recorded for review, or to be used in case of absence. Sliding Scale, $60 – 120

Register Here

* Wondering about the kettle? It turns out almost no one, including google(!) is familiar with this expression which I’ve heard my cousin say for years (on his way to the bathroom!).

Breathe and Walk Tall…Through the Holidays! Dec 5, 12, 19

With every step and each breath we have a new opportunity to access the inner resources to rise to our full height – supported and balanced. In this 3 week series, we will explore Feldenkrais based movement lessons that lead to improving the complex system of actions that form breathing and walking. Refine and improve your breathing and learn to walk with poise, balance and a quality of internal support which can form a foundation of resilience to help carry yourself through difficult times.

3 Group Sessions – Afternoon Section
@ Brooklyn Feldenkrais, 480 6th Avenue Park Slope
Thursdays 130pm-3pm
$105 Register Here

Note: Classes will be audio recorded – you can make up missed classes using the recordings.