In my work with children, I try to address and support the unique needs for growth and learning of each child and to include parents in the process as much as possible.  I offer private sessions for children with neurological disorders, delays, or other concerns. I also teach classes for parents and their babies which combine music with touch and movement techniques  based on the principles of Feldenkrais Method.

Private Sessions are offered at my studio in Park Slope Brooklyn, or in your home.

The method is very effective in addressing a wide range of concerns including:

Late crawling or walking & other milestones

Skipped crawling Difficulty with walking


Club foot

Feeding issues


Cerebral palsy


Spina Bifida

Many others

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Or Email [email protected] / Call 347-406-4464 to inquire about scheduling a home-visit.  

Office hours:    Monday-Friday 9am-10pm

Park Slope Office: Located at Feldenkrais Center of Park Slope, 426 4th Avenue, between 7th and 8th streets

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