Hold Me! – Lifting and Carrying Weight

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Devoted mother laying son down into crib for nap in bedroom
 This Feldenkrais workshop will teach you how to practice new patterns of coordinating your shoulders, neck, spine and all the rest, which will make lifting and carrying weight easier and thereby relieve chronic pain.  This includes addressing tennis-elbow and other arm pain, shoulder and neck pain, and back pain.  You will leave with a new feeling of how to move, and ideas for how to practice throughout your day.  This workshop is part of my “physics of parenting” series, which simply means that there will be references to picking up babies, but everything taught will be applicable to anyone – parent or not!  Taught by Dan Rindler, GCFP
1230pm-3pm.  $45
Note: This is a special workshop, no package of classes or other offers can be applied to this fee.