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When we look to reduce anxiety and feel more settled, on a nervous system level we’re talking about moving towards safety. 

“… even though me and you are in this room, this nice place, there’s a part of the body that’s saying, “Yeah, but what else is gonna happen?” Even though you know nothing’s behind you, letting the body know it actually helps…” Resmaa Menakem in conversation with Krista Tippett for the radio show/podcast “On Being.”  

How do we “let the body know it”? It’s not just because we tell ourselves to relax. Our feelings of being safe, settled, and connected with others, are built on the foundation of our body-sensations. When our body and mind “agree” on safety, we feel at ease, settled, and ready to interact with others.

The gentle, meditative movements, taught in two short lessons per week will help you feel more tuned-into your body and to refine your posture and coordination. As your posture and movement shift, your sense of your body in movement can begin to become a valuable resource for feeling more settled and at ease in your life.

Access the Video Recordings any time that works for you, or join live on zoom!
6 weeks,
Attend live on zoom or use the recording anytime:
Thursdays 8pm Eastern Time
Videos are posted by the next day and can be accessed any time thereafter. (Lifetime access to the recordings!)

Expected start date- October 2021

A Monthly Subscription option is coming with much lower fees than before!

“After a few sessions I began to feel like I was far more present in my body which meant I could feel my feet and so also felt more grounded. Both of these things helped to ease my anxiety which was quite high before the course.”-S.R. 2019, after attending the Roots of Resilience series