An Easier Pregnancy

How Feldenkrais can support you in pregnancy:

The habits of movement that you used every day before your pregnancy served you well. Now in pregnancy, your body is changing dramatically and those same movement-patterns may lead to strain on the back, knees, neck and shoulders, problems with digestion and more. The Feldenkrais Method can help pregnant women adjust and coordinate their movements for their body as it changes.

Expectant moms learn to improve their posture, walking, rolling over in bed, and more. Women find that they have improved breathing, and digestion too. Feldenkrais Method can also be helpful when one wants to become more comfortable in positions used during labor such as learning to squat without strain.

During pregnancy, women hear much about the importance of the pelvic floor muscles, and their importance for labor and incontinence. Through the easy, non-invasive movements of the Feldenkrais Method, pregnant moms learn to improve their awareness and their control over the muscles of the pelvic floor.

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