Resource + Life Force

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Resource, Noun.  an action or strategy which may be adopted in adverse circumstances.

Life Force, noun, the force or influence that gives something its vitality or strength.

In this series of movement lessons we will explore and refine movements that lead us on the path both to feel grounded, focused and safe as well as to discover more refined movement and readiness for action.

6 Wednesdays

After being a part of the massive power of the waterfall, each drop of water regroups in a calm restorative pool, and then maybe onto the next waterfall, or a rapids before the next period of calm. We ourselves need these both: the resource and life-force. We need inner resources, such as for centering, grounding, breathing, and connecting. And, we have need for the ability to tap into our power to do what we need/want to get done and face the challenges of life.

430pm-530pm Eastern Time
Nov 11, 18, 25, Dec 2, 9, 16

Taught Online Using Zoom
To join after the start date, register as normal. You will receive earlier recordings of missed classes.  This is a cumulative series, so no drop-ins.
Recordings will be shared with the class for review, or to be used in case of absence. $120. Sliding Scale available if need be.

“After a few sessions I began to feel like I was far more present in my body which meant I could feel my feet and so also felt more grounded. Both of these things helped to ease my anxiety which was quite high before the course.”-S.R.