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Did you know that tendinitis is no longer believed to be caused by inflammation of the tendons?  There’s a great article today in the New York Times on this idea and why pain relievers may slow healing of tendinitis. It certainly fits my own experience and that of my clients. The article goes on to say that light weight training may help rather than pills. I’ve found that many people with tendinitis move with so much excess muscle tone in and around the area that is hurting, that they can injure themselves further with weight training. Feldenkrais lessons help you to move efficiently so that the work is spread throughout your body efficiently. This alone often helps tendinitis, but when something more is needed, it readies you to lift weights without injury. 
Repetitive strain injury such as this is what led me to Feldenkrais Method 24 years ago!  It is an all too common problem faced by musicians, dancers, new moms, as well as computer users and others, which can be very debilitating and sometimes difficult to overcome.  Unlike pills, topical treatments or supplements which aim to cure the problem, Feldenkrais is a learning-based modality: it will help you learn new posture and coordination patterns to help you to move better than you did before your RSI injury and to learn your way out of chronic pain.

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