“You can tell that for Dan teaching Feldenkrais is a calling. He is very passionate about it in his quiet but enthusiastic way and cares deeply about students learning. The classes are very well thought through and in addition to easing my anxiety, they have improved my mindfulness practice. I full heartedly recommend.”

“Dan has taught me so much…I always look forward to our regular lessons together; they leave me feeling excited, inspired, encouraged, and supported in my journey toward greater ease, comfort, and range of possibility.”  Mark Steinberg, Violinist, Brentano String Quartet

“I am a 55 y/o musician, recently I have had an injury to my neck, a disk that has become distorted and is now pressing on a nerve causing pain in my shoulder and neck and tingling and weakness in my left arm.  Working with Dan has been incredibly helpful in my recovery process, he has been excellent at explaining body mechanics and coming up with ways for me to connect with my own body that are helping me to relax the problem areas and find support and strength to get back to playing.  He’s a creative, enthusiastic and excellent Feldenkrais teacher.“

“I worked with Dan for a couple of months.  He is a keen observer of movement and an effective teacher. For a number of years I had pain, stiffness, and aches in my hips with sciatica-like soreness in my legs. It would take several days for my muscles to recover after skiing, hiking, or exercising. With conventional physical therapy I had temporary mixed results in alleviating symptoms.  I first tried Feldenkrais with a different practitioner than Dan and improved, but plateaued with continuing moderate pain after exercise. When getting out of bed in the morning my legs still sometimes felt like they were on fire.  Dan has helped me to achieve the next level toward pain free movement and I now have only sporadic mild achiness. In time, I hope to be completely pain free as I continue exploring the actions Dan provided. I thank him for giving me the tools to be more fully mobile without restriction and again being able to enjoy the many activities that I had previously cut back.”

“I took the class initially because some of my best Pilates teachers and dancer friends reference Feldenkrais, and I thought, “Why not?” Since regularly attending Dan’s Feldenkrais class, my Pilates practice has improved dramatically along with my quality of life. The movements are small and the mental approach is gentle, yet the benefits and change are huge! I have a much more solid, flexible, and intrinsic awareness of how I move, can move, want to move… Give this a try – you will be glad when, in a few weeks, you start to have little epiphanies. That will happen, and you may just connect the dots to your new Feldenkrais practice!”