The Roots of Resilience​

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“…health is the capability of regaining balance and standing poised again on one’s feet.” Moshe Feldenkrais

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When you explore the movement lessons of the Feldenkrais Method, you will find that the mind-body connection helps you to gain a sense of safety and ease in challenging times. As your posture and movement become more refined, your experience of bodily sensations can begin to shift from amplifying difficult emotions to a valuable resource to tap into in difficult times.  

Join Feldenkrais practitioner Dan Rindler for this exploration of the intersection of body and mind. This series can be valuable as a stand-alone experience or in conjunction with psychotherapy, somatic experiencing, or other approaches. Oriented towards students who struggle with anxiety or trauma, open to all.

“After a few sessions I began to feel like I was far more present in my body which meant I could feel my feet and so also felt more grounded. Both of these things helped to ease my anxiety which was quite high before the course.”

The Program Modules:
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Your Roots

The way your feet connect to the ground influences everything that happens above. As you learn to make a physical shift in your connection to the ground, you’ll access and refine your ability to feel more grounded, self-supported and capable in the face of challenging moments in your daily life.

Breathe + Walk Tall

With every step and each breath we have a new opportunity to access the inner resources to lengthen our spine and to rise to our full height – supported and balanced with a quality of internal support which can help you carry yourself through difficult times.

The Moving Center

We are in constant motion, as are the circumstances of our lives: as much as we’d like to “stay centered” there is no center or balanced point that we ever simply find and keep. Refine your ability to find balance and counterbalance around a continually moving center as an entryway into feeling more balanced in the face of challenging emotions.


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@ Brooklyn Feldenkrais, 480 6th Avenue Park Slope
Thursday Evenings 6pm-730pm
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Note: Classes will be audio recorded – you can make up missed classes using the recordings.

“I have been working with Dan Rindler for almost three years and am thankful to him for sharing this work, and speaking openly about the connection of mind/body trauma and the guidance he gives to help you set new patterns to just feel better.”