The Roots of Resilience​

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An ongoing program for Addressing Anxiety Through
Changing Your Somatic Narrative

There is a clear connection between anxiety and the sensations of our body. Our sensations and our habitual patterns of contraction can even amplify our feelings of anxiety or bring us to re-experience the feeling of past traumas. But how can we use this mind-body connection for growth and change?

As you explore the gentle, meditative movements of the Feldenkrais Method, you will gain a new awareness of your body and refine your ability to find support from the ground. As your posture and movement become more refined, your experience of bodily sensations can begin to shift from amplifying difficult emotions to a valuable resource to tap into in difficult times.  

Join Feldenkrais practitioner Dan Rindler for this exploration of the intersection of body and mind. This series can be valuable as a stand-alone experience or in conjunction with psychotherapy, somatic experiencing, or other approaches.

“…health is the capability of regaining balance and standing poised again on one’s feet.” Moshe Feldenkrais

June Series: A Leg to Stand On

Open to new and returning students. Learn how the way you use your feet to connect to the ground influences everything that happens above. In these four sessions, you’ll learn a practice to lead you to feel a literal shift of your connection to the ground. Access and refine your ability to feel grounded, supported and capable in the face of challenging moments in your daily life.
4 Group Sessions
Tuesdays, 630pm – 8pm
June 4 – June 28
Class Size Limited to 5 participants.
$150.00 Join Today!
Note: Classes will be audio recorded – you can make up missed classes using the recordings.)