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Somatic Trauma Healing + an Integrated Approach to Chronic Pain

Dan Rindler, Somatic Experiencing and Feldenkrais Practitioner

Your body holds the key to feeling less pain, and more grounded and connected with yourself and others.

Heal from Trauma, Reduce Anxiety

Find relief from a constant feeling of being in “high alert,” or of feeling disconnected much of the time. Learn to find freedom from traumatic experiences in your past. These are all nervous system patterns that can change, and a somatic approach is an effective pathway to healing.

Address Chronic Pain and Move Easier

Through attention to posture, gesture, gentle movement and optional hands-on support, we can address many of the root causes of chronic pain. Easing chronic pain doesn’t have to be the end point — we can work together to help you move into more pleasurable every-day movement, as well as better athletic or artistic performance.  

Because these sessions are about learning through body-awareness, versus a bodily-adjustment or treatment, they work well online over zoom, as well as in-person at my office in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY. New clients begin with a free 15 minute consultation call.

What is a First Session Like?

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