Learn new patterns of coordination to help you to address: Chronic Pain, Neurological Concerns, Anxiety, Trauma and Depression, with Dan Rindler, GCFP at Brooklyn Feldenkrais.  

Dan’s approach combines an understanding of body mechanics with a highly effective approach to learning to shift out of long-held habits of movement and behavior. This gentle approach will lead you to learn new patterns of coordination, improved posture, balance. The result is improved efficiency, strength, balance and comfort in movement, and for many, corresponding changes in many other aspects of one’s life as well.

“Health is the capability of regaining balance and standing poised again on one’s feet.”  -Moshe Feldenkrais

Dan also specializes in supporting infant development and offers both private sessions and group classes for parents or caretakers and infants.  View wegrowtogether.nyc to learn about his practice with babies.

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