Dan on the beach

Dan Rindler, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner

“You can tell that for Dan teaching Feldenkrais is a calling. He is very passionate about it in his quiet but enthusiastic way and cares deeply about my learning.”
– Stella, 2019

About Me:
I am a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner (2006) with a private practice in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  I work with clients from all walks of life: people with chronic pain, anxiety or trauma, challenges with mobility, balance, or neurological issues and those looking to improve athletic or artistic performance as well as infants with developmental delays or special needs.  My clients often describe me as a clear teacher, and an empathetic listener.

Being a Feldenkrais Practitioner means that I am a teacher who works hands-on, rather than a healer or a therapist. Whether you come in to work on chronic pain, balance or anxiety, I’m interested in leading you to discover your inner resources for strength and resilience. This is accomplished by working with learning more ideal physical movement which will inevitably lead to changes in other aspects of one’s life as well. I believe strongly that body and mind are only separate in the way our language constrains us to speak about them.

In January 2021 I will complete the year 2 coursework of the Somatic Experiencing Professional Training, with one more year remaining to be certified to work with trauma. I am authorized to use this training now, and it colors my approach to working with all clients.

Feldenkrais Training:

I completed the 4-year 800+ hour Feldenkrais Certification Training in 2006 with David Zemach Bersin, founder of the Feldenkrais Institute of NY.  After practicing Feldenkrais for several years, I enrolled in an intensive 2-year Feldenkrais post-graduate training with Jeff Haller called IOPS Academy. IOPS is: Ideal Organization, Profound Strength. This training has been a strong influence on my practice and the refinement of understanding of movement that I’ve gained in the past few years of studying with Jeff Haller has helped me to become more effective than ever in my work with clients.  I have also done personal supervision/mentoring with Anastasi Siotas, Andrew Gibbons, and Dr. Ruella Frank, founder of the Center for Somatic Studies.

Trauma:  Working with Dr. Ruella Frank greatly influenced my somatic work with clients with anxiety, trauma, or other psychological difficulties. I have since gone on to study in Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute. This approach has permeated every aspect of my work with all clients, whether or not they have experienced events they’d call traumatic.

Child’Space Training: I completed the 250 hour Child’Space Certification training in 2009, which is an approach to working with parents and infants together, based upon the principles of Moshe Feldenkrais. Almost immediately after, I was invited to work as an assistant in the following training. Since then I have also co-taught a 300 hour Child’Space training here in NYC to 21 trainees.

I first began learning the Feldenkrais method over 25 years ago, as a young musician in need of help with severe repetitive strain injuries. My experience as an injured musician fuels my dedication to working with musicians and other performing artists who are looking to avoid pain and/or improve performance. I have taught Feldenkrais private sessions to musicians and dancers, workshops for young choral singers at the KONY Sings choral festival, workshops at Manhattanville Collge for music educators, weekly classes for music faculty at the Brooklyn Conservatory, and most recently was the practitioner in residence at Yale University’s Norfolk Chamber Music Festival where I worked with both students and faculty.  I no longer play music professionally, but I very much enjoy singing and playing guitar, ukulele and banjo.

I am always learning!  Here are details of trainings I’ve attended in the past 10+ years, and also a detailed list of many of the organizations and locations where I’ve worked, from my private practice, to workshops and training programs.

Dan Rindler, Feldenkrais Training

800+ hrs  2002-2006  Feldenkrais Professional Training Program, David Zemach Bersin, Educational Director

25 hrs 2004 Advanced Training: Understanding Infant Development as a Framework for Functional Integration Lessons, Chava Shelhav

25 hrs 2005 Advanced Training: Understanding Infant Development as a Framework for Functional Integration Lessons, Chava Shelhav

15 hrs 2006 Advanced Training: Lines of Force, Gravity and Function, Donna Ray

20 hrs 2007 Advanced Training: Working with the Spine, David Zemach Bersin

250 hrs 2007 Child’Space Professional Training, Chicago-1, Chava Shelhav

20 hrs 2011 Introduction to Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy. Ruella Frank

20 hrs 2011 Advanced Training: Working with the Neck and Shoulders, David Zemach Bersin and Ned Dwelle

25 hrs 2012 Anatomy of Action for Feldenkrais Practitioners, Anastasi Sirotas

10 hrs 2012 Fall Intensive Primary Movement Essentials, Sheryl Field

25 hrs 2013 Walk for Life, Ruthy Alon

20 hrs 2013 Supervision Group for Feldenkrais Practitioners: Movement and Emotion, Ruella Frank

30 hrs 2013 Weekly Supervision Group for Feldenkrais Practitioners, Marek Wyszynski

300+ hrs 2015-2017 Feldenkrais Graduate Program: Ideal Organization, Profound Strength, Full Training + 8 Days of Master Class with Jeff Haller, Educational Director

Dan Rindler, Feldenkrais Teaching Experience 

2006-Present   Feldenkrais Practitioner, Teaching Group Classes, workshops and Private Practice

2005-2007   Guest Clinician:  KONY Sings! Kodály Organization of NY Choral Festival, Taught Feldenkrais Movement Lessons to several hundred young singers

2010-2012  Teaching Assistant.  Child’Space Certification Program, Evanston IL, Assisted with teaching 30 students in a 300 hour training

2011 Guest Presenter: Child’Space Method at the Feldenkrais NY Regional Conference

2012 Group Teacher for Music Faculty/Students:  Brooklyn Conservatory Taught weekly Feldenkrais classes for faculty and students

2013-2014 Practitioner on Staff:  Feldenkrais Institute of New York, Taught Group Feldenkrais Classes, Private Sessions and Workshops

2014-2015  Trainer:  Child’Space Certification Program, New York, NY, Co-Taught 300 hour training program in Manhattan

2015  Guest Presenter:  Columbia University Head Start, Inwood, NYC.  Co-Taught workshop, supporting infant development through touch for parent/infant educators.

2016  Park Slope Armory YMCA, Taught recurring Awarness Through Movement Classes in a fitness center setting.

2016 Feldenkrais Practioner in Residence: Yale University, Norfolk Chamber Music Festival.Taught classes and private sessions to students and faculty.

2017 Guest Teacher:  Manhattan School of Music, New York, NY.  Taught recurring Feldenkrais Workshops for musicians.

2017 Guest Teacher: Industry City Fitness Center

2017 Feldenkrais Practioner in Residence: Yale University, Norfolk Chamber Music Festival.Taught classes and private sessions to students and faculty.

2018  Guest Teacher: Yale School of Music, New Haven, CT.  Taught an Awareness Through Movement workshop for musicians.

2018 Feldenkrais Practioner in Residence: Yale University, Norfolk Chamber Music Festival.Taught classes and private sessions to students and faculty.