Adults Private Sessions

Private Functional Integration Sessions for Adults, Children. See my separate entry for babies. 

“I have been working with Dan Rindler for almost three years and am thankful to him for sharing this work, and speaking openly about the connection of mind/body trauma and the guidance he gives to help you set new patterns to just feel better.”

Private sessions are offered both in-person and on zoom.  Because Feldenkrais is a hands-on learning process rather than a bodywork based on healing-touch, it can be quite effective when practiced online.

“I’ve been working with Dan for about a year now, originally to help address lower back pain as well as explore the more grounding elements of Feldenkrais method. We were making great progress with in person sessions and when we had to shift to virtual meetings, I was pleasantly surprised by how seamless this transition ended up being. Dan’s amazing powers of observation cannot be dampened by a computer screen! On top of existing pains, quarantine can take a real toll and I credit much of the peace of mind and physical comfort I’ve been able to find, build and maintain during these strange times to weekly work with Dan.”

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