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Somatic Trauma Healing + an Integrated Approach to Chronic Pain

Dan Rindler, Somatic Experiencing and Feldenkrais Practitioner

Private sessions provide a supportive environment where you can work through difficult challenges in gradual steps without getting overwhelmed. I work with adults, children, and parents/infants.  

We can work on addressing: chronic pain, anxiety and panic attacks, obsessive/intrusive thoughts, dissociation and others. I also work with musicians with chronic pain that is limiting their playing, and  with others looking to improve their performance. I also see babies with parents, both for developmental concerns and for birth trauma.   

My work always incorporates a weaving of two approaches: Feldenkrais Method and Somatic Experiencing. As a client, you don’t need to choose which method we use, as I always weave the two. But you are always in the driver’s seat as to  the focus of our session, which is based on what you choose to share with me about your experience and what you perceive your needs to be.

“For a number of years I had pain, stiffness, and aches in my hips with sciatica-like soreness in my legs. With conventional physical therapy I had temporary mixed results and tried Feldenkrais with a different practitioner than Dan and improved, but plateaued with continuing moderate pain. Dan has helped me to achieve the next level toward pain free movement.”   – Jeff W

“I’ began working with Dan to help address lower back pain as well as explore the more grounding elements of Feldenkrais method. We were making great progress with in person sessions and when we had to shift to virtual meetings, I was pleasantly surprised by how seamless this transition ended up being. Dan’s amazing powers of observation cannot be dampened by a computer screen! On top of existing pains, quarantine can take a real toll and I credit much of the peace of mind and physical comfort I’ve been able to find, build and maintain during these strange times to weekly work with Dan.” – Audrey, 2021